Skycoin Partners with Jiangxi University of Software Professionals

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On September 26th and 27th, 2019, Brandon Synth, the founder of Skycoin led a group of Skycoin team members in a visit to Jiangxi Software Vocational Technical University (referred to in this article as Jiangxi Software University or “JSU”) for a two-day exchange visit. Over the course of the two-day visit the team discussed blockchain technology and the education of future blockchain developers with JSU faculty members. These discussions were such a success that the two parties agreed to enter into a major strategic cooperation to fully support the talent and development of China’s blockchain industry.

In addition, Synth personally presented a lecture on blockchain technology and the powerful ecosystem built around Skycoin. Receiving insight from someone so highly regarded in the industry was a treat for the students who listened eagerly to the man who has been developing blockchain technology for over a decade.

As part of the strategic agreement, Skycoin will cooperate with Jiangxi Software University around the following five key areas:

1. Building the Skywire Network: First, Skycoin will build a Skywire mesh network at the 3,600-acre university campus, equipping the school with a reliable, secure, next-generation encrypted network. This network will be developed in tandem with the New York City Skywire mesh network, which is already under active development.

2. Establishing SKY Innovation Lab: Skycoin will set up a well-equipped “Skycoin Innovation Lab” at the University, investing in technical coaching and software and hardware support staff for the development of Skycoin’s ecosystem of products.

3. Start a CX Blockchain Programming Language Course: Skycoin will work with the University to offer CX programming language courses to its students. CX is a general-purpose blockchain programming language created by Skycoin and based initially on Google’s Golang. Students will go through a number of courses to quickly master the use of CX ...

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