SkyDB Debut Hackathon Ideas

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As we kick off our first SkyDB hackathon, I wanted to provide an extended list of ideas for things that can be done using SkyDB. All of these are intended to be simple enough that the idea can be completed and made production-ready within the scope of 2 weekends or less, using the current SDK and infrastructure available on Skynet now.

I want to quickly remind everyone that we award prizes — especially the grand prize — based on how much value a project adds to the Skynet ecosystem.

We do not consider at all how much effort a project required, nor do we consider how much skill the programmers demonstrated. We are absolutely happy to award the grand prize to a project that took 10 minutes to code up if the idea and resulting project are truly powerful.

This time around we are also featuring a set of design prizes.

Teams that pair up with a designer or upgrade existing Skynet applications to have significantly improved design and UX will qualify for a special prize that exclusively focuses on design and UX.

Skynet Dropbox

SkyDB enables you to store data on Skynet which is always accessible to users. One example of data you could store would be a large json file that enumerates all of the files that a user has in a Skynet version of DropBox. When a user adds or deletes a file, this list gets updated, and the user’s file view is updated.

The SkyDB elements of this project are very simple, even entry-level developers should be able to get the infrastructure elements of this project completed without issue. The main challenge in creating a Skynet Dropbox will be the user experience, creating a friendly and aesthetic UI that allows users to upload files, download files, see the list of their files, and ...

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