SkyDB Debut Hackathon Winners

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Two months ago today we released a landmark feature for Skynet called SkyDB. The goal of this hackathon was to explore SkyDB and the results have been astonishing. Every day, Skynet feels more and more like the Internet that I fell in love with growing up, full of freedom and exploration, and people thrusting their own personalities into the applications that they build and use. With every month that passes, the feeling gets stronger. We’re doing it. We’re rebuilding the Internet, and we’re building it for a healthier, brighter future.

The judges of this hackathon were David Vorick from the Skynet team, Danny Zuckerman from the Ceramic team, and guest judges Brayton Williams from BoostVC, and Dan Robinson from Paradigm. Each guest judge was given the opportunity to select a single project for a Judge’s Choice award. We had three categories total. The first is a general SkyDB category, for apps built using SkyDB. The second is a design category, focused not on programming but rather on user experience and design. And our third category was for apps that integrated IDX.

Without further ado, here are the winners!


SkyDB Bounty

Grand Prize: SkyFeed (2,000,000 siacoins)
Runners Up: SkyID, ZenBase, SkyDocs (500,000 siacoins each)
Honorable Mentions: Skybrain, Cloudloop, MARStorage, SkyFora (200,000 siacoins each)

Design Bounty

Winners: SkyDrop, Skapp Store (500,000 siacoins each)

Ceramic Bounty

Grand Prize: GeoLocker (1,000,000 siacoins)
Runners Up: VAULT, shroom (300,000 siacoins each)

Judge’s Choice

Brayton Williams Choice: SkyID (200,000 siacoins)
“Decentralized identity is a big idea with a great go to market today seen with the presentations of other projects at demo day. The user flow seemed simple enough and during live demos it worked!”

Dan Robinson Choice: SkySpaces (200,000 siacoins)
“Very slick file-sharing app with a clever and intuitive interface. I loved the integration with SkyID and the easy creation ...

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