Skynet Community Update — July 2021

Skynet Community Update — July 2021

Things look different since the last update. As you can see from the graphic above, we finalized our new look with a big rebrand. This update modernizes the Skynet wordmark, taking it away from the previous 80's/”hasta la vista baby” vibes and into something that can carry a tech startup through an important growth phase.

We also did a huge re-design of our website, the easy way to interact with the Skynet brand and the decentralized Internet. This new website is sleek, letting you quickly upload and share files on Skynet and learn about our tech.

But more than that — below the surface — we’ve been changing in important ways. Business moves fast at a tech startup, and the path forward for Skynet is becoming more clear. David announced a new roadmap for the company. He showed off planned moves like performance upgrades and full IPFS feature parity, and what’s in store for Skynet in the near and not-so-near future.

We’re moving ahead on key new hiring initiatives. The Sia Foundation has been working as well, constructing its own team and refining its plan for the decentralized storage layer of the Internet.

Let’s get on with it.

In this update

Comms from the Skynet team
Community Spotlight


The new Skynet license

We released our new Skynet License that attempts to closely mirror the MIT License while also incentivizing and enabling sustainable development.

Premium accounts

With faster speeds, longer pinning, and importantly, the foundation for future content and web monetization, premium accounts allow you to sign up for the decentralized future.

The rebrand

To go along with premium accounts, we are beyond excited to announce that Nebulous has now fully rebranded to Skynet Labs. We’ve got a new website, new wordmark, new color, and new guidelines for using Skynet assets in your ...

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