Skynet Community Update — March 2021

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Skynet Community Update — March 2021

We’re optimistic about 2021. The year has been good to us so far — but we also see so many things turning around in the world at large. Vaccines are defeating viruses, and crypto acceptance is surging. People are understanding why decentralization matters, and Skynet has been making incredible strides.

Our team has grown with Daniel and Nicole, and I’m really proud of how these two new folks have grown into their roles. They’ve already left their marks in impressive ways and will help Skynet grow at a critically important time in our history.

Despite these new additions, part of the laser-focus on Skynet means giving Sia room to breathe. Last time we talked about the Sia Foundation, it was theoretical. Now it’s a reality. We’ll talk more about that soon.

These are always long posts, but we’ll try to keep it succinct enough while highlighting some of the best accomplishments from the team and community.

Let’s get on with it.

In this update

Comms from the Skynet team
Community Spotlight


Skynet is about to experience some of the most exciting moments of its life.

Skynet turns one

1 million unique users. 5 million uploads. 25 million downloads. Hundreds of decentralized apps. You’ve helped us build this revolution in just 1 YEAR. You all have been the backbone of some of the very best innovation, discussions, and collaboration. Thank you for fighting with us for a better, freer future!

Community Dev Calls

You can listen to the dev calls for November, December, January, and February!


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