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We are excited today to be rolling out the content leaderboard for Skynet and MySky applications. The leaderboard is a decentralized scraping application which looks at the public data of users across Skynet and assembles their activity into a leaderboard which highlights the most popular content, the most popular users, and the most popular applications on Skynet.

When a user logs into the leaderboard, the leaderboard checks their UserID and scans their public activity logs to see what things they’ve published and which content they’ve interacted with. This activity then gets loaded into the leaderboard, and as the user performs new activities on Skynet, those new activities will also appear on the leaderboard.

Applications get added to the leaderboard automatically when they appear in a user’s public activity logs. Developers do not need to submit their applications, they will just appear naturally once people begin using the application.

Signing Up for the Leaderboard

To sign up for the leaderboard, you just need to make an account on MySky. Please note, as of this announcement MySky is transitioning from beta to production, and all prior seeds are being invalidated. You will need to make a new account, which will produce a 15 word seed, and then save that seed for future use.

After that, any public Skynet activity will appear on the leaderboard after a few minutes. Though you don’t need to set a username and build an avatar, you can do so with the Profile DAC.

As a reminder, MySky serves as a single global sign-in for all applications across Skynet. Once you’ve logged into MySky, you’ll automatically be signed into all of the other applications featured on the leaderboard.

The Technologies of the Leaderboard

The leaderboard combines several of the most cutting edge technologies in Skynet to produce something that we do ...

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