Skynet Partnership with Gitcoin and Open Web Collective

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Beyond Hackathons — Fellowships, Accelerators, Incubators

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Next-generation applications will be built on Skynet. Decentralized Twitter, Instagram, Messaging platforms, Live-streaming apps, Blogs, Dropbox, you name it! While we are working hard on the enabling infrastructure, we are very grateful to the community for building truly exceptional applications and bringing us closer to the vision of a Free Internet.

Hackathons are fertile ground for developers to ideate, iterate, and create minimal viable products (MVP). We have loved seeing your ingenuity and passion through the products you have built so far. And now we want to support you in taking them to the next level - from MVPs to sustainable, market-ready Web 3.0 businesses.

To support your success, we have partnered with Gitcoin and Open Web Collective (Near) to bring you additional opportunities. These will help you strengthen your product, lay the foundation for your startup, gain exposure and mentorship from the wider Web3 community, and potentially fundraise.

Gitcoin’s KERNEL Fellowship — Submit by Dec 7

The KERNEL Fellowship is an 8-week program for talented builders looking to build relationships, products, and companies in Web 3. 300 talented peers from around the world will join the KERNEL on Jan 2021 and will be surrounded by leading mentors from the Web3 community.

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