Skywire Discovery Node Migration is Complete!

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All Skyminer operators are invited to connect to the new discovery server by October 10th, 2019.

**Click here for instructions to point your Skyminer to the new testnet discovery address.**

Throughout the month of September, the Skycoin team has been migrating and testing the Skywire discovery node on a new secure server. After several weeks of running without incident, the testing process of the discovery server is complete and it is ready to run the Skywire testnet once again in advance of the launch of the Skywire mainnet.

Due to the extended downtime of the testnet, there will be only a 1% uptime requirement for the month of September. All existing Skyminer operators whose nodes were online for a minimum of 1% of the month during which the discovery server was live will receive their testnet rewards as though they had achieved the usual 75% uptime requirements.

Now that the discovery node migration and testing is complete, there are a few steps that Skyminer operators must accomplish in order to point their Skyminers to the new address. Those instructions are available on GitHub for all official Skyminers and most D.I.Y. Skyminers:

All Skyminer operators who wish to receive testnet rewards must follow the instructions and point to the new address. A ten-day grace period will begin October 1st through October 10th for all Skyminer operators to complete the required steps. Uptime calculations will resume on October 11th for all Skyminers, and will (as usual) require Skyminers to be connected for 75% of the time between October 11th and October 31st.

There is also a new-and-improved way to install Skywire: Skybian and Skyflash. Skybian is built upon Armbian, which is a specialized version of Linux for ARM development, and contains the disk images and code for Skywire. Skyflash ...

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