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NULS/Nerve Working with Sonergy in the Market Research Space

NULS/Nerve is pleased to announce a collaboration between the two projects of NULS/Nerve and Sonergy.

Sonergy assists businesses and researchers in gathering quality, useful and verified information for businesses. Their mission is to revolutionize the data ecosystem and create jobs for low yet active income earners using cryptocurrency and blockchains.

The Industry

According to, market research industry global revenue exceeded 73.4 billion USD in 2019. Yet the market research industry continues to face a range of challenges. Companies often receive incomplete or incorrect data hindering businesses’ ability to implement informed business strategies.

Respondents don’t trust market research companies because they tend to give information that is inaccurate and half-baked. Small and mid-size enterprises struggle to get the quality data insights they need. Cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain can help, and AI and machine learning will benefit all sides of the market research continuum.

New method

Sonergy provides a new method for businesses to mine and analyze data to help align and implement informed business strategies. Researchers can create qualitative and quantitative questionnaires with tailored scope, and view results later with a robust analytics system. The data is accessible through decentralized smart contracts.

Integrating blockchain and AI helps the researchers, respondents and validators gain trust and provide access to:
- Validated, verifiable data
- Data integrity through decentralized data
- Data collection and aggregation on-chain
- Streamlined and affordable data
- Data privacy and security
- Data generation and incentives by/for humans and not bots.

How it works

Sonergy offers a network of three key players: research commissioners (data collectors), respondents and validators. They interact through a blockchain-based consensus mechanism. All players such as companies, individuals, analysts, students, researchers, scientists and institutions can create research queries with the Sonergy token as payment.

People can ...

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