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An NFT marketplace & leaderboard for rare meme ownership


The Meme Factory is an innovative, Ethereum-based NFT marketplace and Token Curated Registry for unique, rare memes. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the primary goal is to enable real provable ownership of memes for their creators and thus attach real economic value as well as legal rights to a piece of art. Its unique integration with IPFS eliminates third party intermediaries and unfair payment practices while providing more powerful privacy and security. By using the $DANK ERC-20 token, creators can upload their memes, mint them as NFTs and vote them onto the leaderboard if deemed dank enough to compete with the community’s best memes. The NFTs can then be freely traded, bought and sold on the open market.

To drive initial adoption of the platform, the district0x team is building a community of ‘verified DANK! Meme Artists’ with the Verified Artists Program, led by community manager Brady McKenna. In the long-term, the plan is to develop a robust marketplace for the world’s best and most unique memes. Besides, the d0x team is currently also exploring ways in which the NFTs minted on the platform can be used further to add additional value to the community with the help of third party tools like or similar integrations. Open-source developers are encouraged to add new features and auxiliary modules to the platform to further grow the potential and reach of the non-custodial marketplace. A social-network sharing feature is already in the works, integrating memefactory with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In the future, interoperable services that extend beyond the current use-cases are likely to make entrepreneurship within the meme industry more accessible and more rewarding for creators. — the web3 marketplace for ...

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