Stake-A-Thon Update #1

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Here is an update after two weeks of the mainnet Stake-A-Thon. For more information about the Stake-A-Thon, prizes to win, and to sign up or choose your super staker please visit

So far 48 super stakers have been listed at To be listed, new super stakers must have a 5% fee or greater and have at least four 100 QTUM UTXOs* or greater.

The first round of prizes for the testnet participants have been paid


In the two weeks since the hard fork on August 28 that implemented offline staking protocol there have been:

  • 531 block rewards from super stakers, about 5 % of overall block rewards.
  • 36 unique delegated addresses winning block rewards.
  • not counting a big wallet probably delegating to itself, delegated weight of about 201k for delegated address block reward winners, the smallest winner with a delegated address of just 300 QTUM.

Most super stakers will have the default minimum of 100.0 QTUM for UTXOs* they will stake from delegated addresses. UTXOs of smaller amounts in the delegated address will not be staked.

Delegated addresses set with higher fees than a super staker requires will pay those higher fees if they win a block reward. Delegated addresses set with lower fees than the super staker requires will not be staked by the super staker.

A good use case for larger wallets (to improve security) is to delegate to their super staker. In this case, the developers recommend setting the super staker fee to 0%, entering the delegation address using the Delegation list type — “Allow list” to avoid other delegations, and setting the minimum size UTXO to stake to 4.0 to include the delegate’s block rewards. The delegate’s block reward payments could be manually combined periodically using the Core wallet “split” command ...

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