Stake-A-Thon Update #4

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Here is an update after three months of the Stake-A-Thon. You can learn more about Qtum offline staking and the Stake-A-Thon at

Stake-A-Thon Metrics

For the two-weeks from November 17 to November 30, there were 3,426 block rewards for offline staking (36.3% of block rewards), and in November there were block rewards for 32 super stakers and 125 delegated addresses.

There are 50 super stakers registered for the Stake-A-Thon. During November a few more joined and a few left.

For the November 30 prizes, 3,620 QTUM were paid out to super stakers and delegated addresses, including the prizes of 150 QTUM each for the 90 day/5,000+ QTUM super stakers.

Congratulations to all these prize winners!

Address Delegation Check

During the Stake-A-Thon some super stakers changed or left the contest. If you have an address delegated to a super staker it is a good practice to periodically check if that super staker is still online and getting block rewards — check the super staker’s address on If that super staker is not getting any block rewards or has a zero balance you should remove that delegation and try another super staker. To remove a delegation in the Qtum-Qt wallet in Stake — Delegations press the remove delegation “X” button:

The Remove Delegation button on Qtum-Qt


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