Staking initiative for Aeron — potential benefits for the ARN ecosystem

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Staking initiative for Aeron — potential benefits for the ARN ecosystem

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The first staking contract for ARN BEP2 token has been deployed recently on Binance Smart Chain testnet. While this remains a research undertaking for the time being, there is a public demand from Aeron community to see staking implemented once Binance Smart Chain mainnet becomes available. The time has come to explain potential solutions to go beyond a classic staking you find for other crypto assets, to enrich ARN with further fringe benefits.

In a typical staking arrangement, an asset holder would lock a certain amount of an asset in exchange for a reward, which accrues on a regular basis at a certain percentage value.

We consider that introduction of ARN staking may offer an incentive for Aeron community, both as a commercial and as a marketing tool. Here are some extras to consider:

1. Importance of Aeron mission has been confirmed recently with a vivid example, where it was found that up to 40% of commercial pilots in Pakistan may either operate without a valid license or with a fake experience record (

Such threat may exist worldwide, hopefully to a much lesser degree. By supporting Aeron you support aviation safety — as every flight log recorded into blockchain becomes the solid confirmation of the actual experience of a pilot.

While aviation fleet remains grounded worldwide, there are no changes in regulatory requirements for pilot license renewals. Pilots still remain under obligation to report the same minimum number of flying hours per year. Therefore once the gates re-open, we expect a surge in demand for flight training, light aircraft rentals, and other activities which are facilitated by Aeron, including flight log recording with Aeron Pilot application.

Furthermore, should any Aeron supporter wish to undertake pilot training and ...

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