Starting now! Grab a chance to obtain ONTO November NFTs

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Duration: November 16~ November 22 (UTC)


The November limited edition NFT medals consist of two types, King’s Landing and Iron Bank, with a total of 1000 each.

King’s Landing NFT

The King’s landing medal is a welcome to new users to the ONTO ‘kingdom’.

Any new user who has downloaded and registered ONTO for the first time from November 16 to November 22, 2020 (UTC), will automatically receive 1 King’s Landing Medal.


Iron Bank NFT

The Iron Bank medal means a big thank you to each user participating in Ontology node staking for their contribution to the main network governance.

Any user who has staked at least 10 ONT on the Ontology nodes during the campaign will automatically receive 1 Iron Bank Medal.


Tips on this campaign:

a. A maximum of 1 King’s Landing NFT and Iron Bank NFT may be obtained for each ONT ID for each device.

b. Users can view their NFT assets in the Collectibles page under the Asset tab.

c. From April to December 2020, ONTO has launched an NFT-related campaign each month. Limited edition NFT medals are redeemable upon completing each monthly task. A complete collection of 9 medals will give you the key to open the ONTO 2020 Treasure Box....

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