Stoic’s milestone: $11 million in crypto assets!

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Stoic, an automated crypto trading app launched in September 2020, has just reached $11 million in assets on users’ accounts. This impressive growth is mostly organic and is a testament to the high demand for Stoic’s approach to delivering complex quant crypto trading in the form of a simple app.

What is Stoic?

Stoic is a mobile app for automated crypto trading with Hybrid Intelligence, developed by the Cindicator team. It combines years of in-depth research into the crypto market, collective intelligence, and AI in a simple, easy-to-use app for iOS and Android.

Currently, Stoic’s algorithm uses a long-only portfolio strategy with daily rebalancing. It’s a straightforward and elegant algorithm that has generated +991% since March 2020.

Under the hood, Stoic runs on a set of technologies that were previously exclusive to the wealthiest 1%. The entire infrastructure for researching, testing, and executing strategies was built for Cindicator Capital, a quant crypto hedge fund.

Who uses Stoic?

Stoic is available to anyone with a Binance exchange account. Its streamlined user experience and professional approach to trading resonate with both new and experienced crypto traders.

Unlike most bots in the market, Stoic is very easy to use and works right out of the box. There are no complicated settings. This makes Stoic an attractive option for people who are new to the crypto market.

Stoic is also popular with a number of seasoned crypto enthusiasts with six or even seven-figure accounts. For them, Stoic’s algorithm is a simple and cost-effective way to gain exposure to a wide portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Stoic’s users come from all over the world but there is particular interest from Asia. In October, Cindicator joined the 500 Startups Global Launch programme in Singapore with plans to expand across Southeast Asia.

What’s new

Over the last month, the team has been busy with several important ...

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