StormX December recap

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Hey Stormers,

Happy belated New Year! It’s been a busy start to the year, so please excuse the late posting of this recap. We’ve been hard at work getting all the cogs in motion for a 2020-beating, year!

But, on to our December recap!

Adidas 15% Crypto Cashback
The additional Adidas Crypto Cashback was a great success! A lot of you shoppers enjoyed the additional Crypto Cashback and bought themselves some nice Adidas gear while stacking more crypto!

We appreciate you enjoying these deals, so why not let us know about other deals you would like to see by mentioning us @stormxio on Twitter or joining our Telegram group!

Mobile Staking
December saw the launch of our latest addition to the StormX app, mobile staking! We knew you wanted it, and we didn’t want to let you down. Following the launch, we saw a large spike in Total Value Locked (TVL), which is great! TVL is a good metric to judge user sentiment and overall how much the crypto project is being used. Currently, more than 900m STMX is locked in Staking and Reward memberships! Can you believe it!?

Black Friday Sale
It’s the biggest shopping event of the year, so it would have been crazy to ignore it. That’s why we gave you all an additional 50% Crypto Cashback when shopping during the Black Friday sales! We’re glad so many of you took advantage of it, and for those that may have missed it, we’ve got a few other promotions coming your way very soon!

Staking rewards
Our launch rate of 50% P.A. for staking was a massive success, shout out to all of you who were straight in. We’ve now reached the end of the promotional launch period, and the rate is starting to lower. So don’t forget to take ...

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