StormX November Recap!

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The November Recap

Hey Stormers,

We’ve reached December, and that means it’s time for another monthly recap! The team has been hard at work for the last few months, finalizing the release of staking. We are pleased to announce that this is now live inline with our roadmap commitments.

So, how is staking going? As of writing this, we have already locked more than $2.1m (equal to 827m in $STMX) in rewards and staking! The team would like to thank all who have already started staking, and we look forward to seeing more join in over the coming weeks.

As a reminder, don’t forget you can also sign up as a rewards member when staking $STMX. This allows you to take further advantage via increased crypto cashback bonuses whilst not affecting your staked tokens.

Black Friday 50% Crypto Cash Back Bonus

“Black Friday” is an event that has become synonymous with great online deals. The 4 days from Friday leading up to Cyber Monday are some of the most anticipated days of the shopping calendar, and this year it did not disappoint. Naturally, we couldn’t just let this pass by. We wanted our users to make the most of their shopping and, as a result, increased cashback across all our stores by 50%. We’re glad to say that we saw increased shopping and activity across our platform, and we’re really glad we were able to help shoppers make the most of the deals with the bonus Crypto Cash Back.

The Team Expands

November also saw the addition of a new member of staff. Matthew Chuen, our new Head of Marketing, will be overseeing the increasing output of marketing efforts and the acquisition of new users.

“I’m really happy to be joining the team at such an important stage in their development. There’s been a lot of ...

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