StormX October recap

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Hey Stormers!

We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these times.
October has finished. Time for an update from our side!

We are really excited to share this update with you and share the things we were doing last month!

Revamped Referral Rewards

We spoke about it briefly in the September recap, but we are happy to announce we released our revamped referral rewards in October!

In the new StormX app update, you can earn an insane amount of referral rewards;

Up to $1,000 can be earned for one single referee, and the good part is that your friend also gets $1,000. That’s a total of $2,000 for one single referral!

The amount you get for every single referral depends on the Rewards Membership your friend buys. We have 3 separate referral levels:

Gold member: $40 bonus each

Platinum member: $450 bonus each

Diamond member: $1,000 bonus each

For more information about the revamped referral reward, check out our latest blog post here!

Updated Website & UI changes within the app.

As you might have noticed, we changed our logo's color and did a lot of User Interface (UI) changes in the app and website.
The main reason for us to update the app's UI was that a good part of our users got confused on the wallet page. Many users thought they had some BTC, ETH, DAI, LTC, YFI, or STMX when it was a conversion that was being shown to them.

We are also constantly doing upgrades to give our users a better in-app experience. This is not the last updated we are pushing out! Expect more!


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