Stronger together: An update on 0x protocol Gitcoin bounties

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Stronger together: 0x protocol Gitcoin bounties

In the last few months, 0x Labs started experimenting with Gitcoin bounties to improve the 0x open-source codebase’s developer footprint. As pointed out in 0x’s governance roadmap update, our ultimate goal is to decentralize protocol development and control of the 0x treasury fund. For that, we need an engaged, responsible, and ultimately accountable community.

From last 0x’s governance roadmap blog post

Today, we are thrilled to announce that community member @iamonuwa delivered the first 0x Gitcoin bounty and received a ZRX payment for a job well done. The completion of this bounty marks a significant milestone in our path towards decentralization. As the 0x developer community grows and matures, we plan to experiment more with this model by creating and proposing more bounties, some of which we share in this post.

Bounty #1 / Migrate ZRX Portal to web3-react

Status: Completed

  • Objective: To migrate ZRX Portal web3-react and its simple hook-based interface to support more and more wallets when staking and voting.
  • Background: This issue was mostly felt by Trust wallet users using iOS. The in-app browser support was recently removed, therefore preventing users from logging in. @iaonuwa completed the tasks requested, and the changes are now available on . You will now be able to use ZRX Portal with any wallet supporting WalletConnect, in addition to Metamask and Coinbase Wallet.
  • Developer: @iamonuwa
  • Gitcoin issue:
  • Bounty: 5,000 ZRX
  • Github repo:

Bounty #2 / Instant Revamp Bake-Off

Status: Assigned and in progress

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