SUN to Launch JustSwap Token Referral Elections

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In response to the request of the SUN community, will officially launch the second SUN token election, this time to win a place in the JustSwap drop-down recommendations.

Voting will be open from 12:00 AM, November 1st, 2020 (HKT) to 12:00AM, November 8th, 2020. With their SUN tokens, SUN community members can vote for their favorite project participants and help their selected candidates to win a place in the JustSwap website, where the project can stay in the referral slot for 3 months, thus bringing more visibility to a community-chosen project.

SUN Foundation hopes that through the voting mechanism, SUN community can realize community autonomy and all members can work together to promote the overall development of TRON DeFi ecology, and SUN will serve as an important bridge in the TRON DeFi ecology.

Requirements for participating projects:

  1. The token should be in TRC20 standard
  2. The project’s token should have entered the SUN whitelist
  3. Materials provided by the team should include but not limited to its social media account, white paper and community.

About the Election

  1. Voting will be open from: November 1st 12:00 — November 8th 12:00 (HKT)
  2. The project with the highest number of votes will receive 3 months of superb exposure in the JustSwap dropdown referral slot.
  3. Projects on our whitelist will be automatically included in the next list of candidates. If other projects wish to be included, please contact us via email ( to join in the election.
  4. Even if not on the running candidates list, users can enter their contract address themselves to participate in the election.
  5. The list of participants will be listed in accordance with their trading volume from 12:00 on October 21st to 12:00 on October 28th (HKT) from highest to lowest, with liquidity amount is more than $20,000 for 7 consecutive days.This list is completely ...

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