Superhero: How to Send & Receive Superhero Tips

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Superhero is the world’s first fully decentralized tipping platform that allows anybody to tip anyone, anywhere online. With Superhero, you can send tips to your favorite creators, causes, or influencers — or collect tips for the content you create. Here’s a simple guide on how to send or receive tips with Superhero.

Superhero isn’t your average tipping platform. Unlike “traditional” tipping platforms that allow users to tip or donate to content creators such as Patreon or Gumroad, Superhero is completely decentralized.

Rather than force creators, causes, or influencers to create a profile on a specific platform, Superhero allows anybody to collect tips anywhere online — for anything. Using Superhero, it’s possible to send tips to anyone. Superhero allows you to send tips to your favorite Twitter accounts, tip the creators of your favourite YouTube videos, or send tips to any blog, website, platform, or cause.

The tipping functionality made possible by Superhero puts the power back in the hands of creators and their audiences, delivering never-before-seen freedom. Superhero doesn’t take fees from tips, and won’t tell you who you can or cannot tip.

To create the world’s first decentralized, censorship-free, open-source social tipping platform, Superhero operates outside of the traditional paradigm of donation buttons, paywalls, or tipping platform accounts.

Rather than establish a “walled garden” in which users can only send tips to other platform users, Superhero integrates with virtually any platform online. With Superhero, you can add tip buttons to your website, collect tips directly from Youtube or Twitter profiles, collect tips with a simple .chain name, or add a Superhero tip button to any website or blog — no complicated account details, verification, or email addresses necessary.

To start sending or receiving tips with Superhero, you’ll only need to install the Superhero extension or smartphone app and set your wallet up. Here’s how you can get ...

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