Swapping LOOM tokens on Binance

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In case you just found out there’s a LOOM token swap going on, you might want to start by reading our token swap launch article. If you still have some old LOOM sitting around in your wallet you have a couple of options for swapping those tokens:

  1. You can swap LOOM on our dashboard, it’s fairly straightforward, and we’ve previously published a step by step walk-through.
  2. If you don’t plan on keeping the LOOM after swapping you might find it more convenient to swap your tokens on Binance through their Convert & OTC Portal page.

In this article we’ll demonstrate how to swap old LOOM for new LOOM on Binance.

Step 1 — Log in on Binance
NOTE: If you accidentally sent old LOOM to Binance (maybe from another exchange, or from your wallet) then just skip a couple of steps ahead.
  • Next, you need to deposit your old LOOM tokens into your Binance wallet. Open Wallet -> Fiat and Spot.
Step 2 — Open Fiat and Spot Wallet
  • Then type LOOMOLD in the Search Coin input field, click on the Deposit button, and follow the instructions to deposit your old LOOM tokens. Once you receive a notification that the deposit was successful proceed to the next step.
Step 3 — Deposit old LOOM (LOOMOLD)
  • Go back to the Wallet -> Fiat and Spot page, your old LOOM tokens should now show up as LOOMOLD. Click on the Convert button on the far right.
Step 4 — Start converting old LOOM (LOOMOLD)
  • You will now find yourself on the Convert & OTC Portal page. Select LOOMOLD from the top drop-down, enter the amount of tokens you want to swap, and press the Preview Conversion button.
Step 5 — Specify amount of tokens to swap
Step 6 —Preview LOOM swap details
  • Confirm that your LOOM will be swapped at a rate of ...

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