Swarm of Duty II — Scaling Storage Capacity

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Swarm of Duty II — Scaling Storage Capacity

In May to July, we ran “Swarm of Duty”, Bluzelle’s first incentivized testnet program for developers, token holders and validators. The goal was for various stakeholders in the Bluzelle ecosystem to familiarize themselves with the token economics and learn about staking on the network through gamification. It was an outstanding success with more than 200 validators competing for highest uptime. With the help of our community validators, we were able to upgrade our testnet with 4 iterations, and identified a critical bug from Tendermint. In total 1.4 million BLZ was distributed to the participants.

As we approach production mainnet, we are launching Swarm of Duty II, a whole new episode to drive utility and storage capacity of the Bluzelle network. The more capacity we have the more customers we can support and the more BLZ fees earned by validators.

The Tiers

To accomplish this goal we have established a three tiered validator program that matches our army theme of Swarm of Duty and BLZ Soldiers. Each group has a different role and set of responsibilities. It’s designed so we can have everyone participate from the token holder who wants to be more involved to those experienced technologists who can build for us. We will provide support and education so people can actually move up the ranks by proving themselves.

Infantry (Tier 1) ⭐️

This tier is for anyone to easily spin up a node with their own device or from the cloud. Tier 1 Validators do very little work for the network and only provide storage. Tier 1 validators are there to easily expand the network size of Bluzelle.

Armory (Tier 2️️️️) ⭐⭐️

Professional Validators who run operations, allow for many to delegate, and they earn fees and commissions. This group is usually for validators ...

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