Symbol in the Media: Public Launch and What’s Next!

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Symbol in the Media: Public Launch and What’s Next!

Last week, NEM made headlines with the highly anticipated launch of Symbol. After four years of building, testing and collaboration among the Core Developers, NEM community, supporting entities and partners, the Symbol Proof-of-Stake+ public blockchain is live!

To mark the occasion, multiple spokespeople in the NEM ecosystem spoke to members of the media, discussing Symbol’s technical features, use cases and the platform’s potential in building the new economy.

CoinDesk, a giant in the blockchain media space, spoke to Kristy-Leigh Minehan, CTO of NEM Software, and published an article about the launch. See the full article here (Japanese language version here).

“We believe we are going to see a lot of flexibility in how people use these private and public networks together. You can think of your private network as something of a staging area and platform for public networks. We’re excited to see what comes out of that,”– Kristy-Leigh Minehan

Hong Kong-based news outlet Forkast.News spoke to David Mansell, NEM Group’s COO who heads up NEM Group’s growth strategy in APAC, about a number of initial use cases, including the Kentucky Whiskey Digital Fund and LBCOIN. See the full article here.

“We’re looking to encourage interoperability and collaboration with the other blockchains. We’re not competing against them. We want Symbol to be known as the chain to underpin what we call the new economy — using technology to create a fairer society that is more inclusive and accessible.”– David Mansell

The reach of the news was truly global, with coverage published across 70+ media outlets in Japan, Germany, Korea, India, China, Turkey, Russia and The United Arab Emirates. Highlights included media coverage and syndications in Nasdaq, Yahoo!Finance, Market Watch, Yahoo!News Japan, Enterprise ...

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