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Best emerging tech of 2020: iExec Year Review #2

One observation we can make from the year 2020, is that this has been the year that has crystallized the need for digital transformation. Even if for years many companies have voiced their strategy to pave the way for digital transformation, clearly 2020 has emphasized who has been efficient.

After the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the organization of companies, some tech trends have won the 2020 race. We’ll give a short summary of these new tech trends and what role iExec has in these.

If you have downloaded a tracking app, raise your hand. Now, by ‘tracking app’, we mean an official one to track COVID-19 contact cases, not all the apps you use daily that also track our life in a way, with our vague consent. So if you have downloaded a covid tracking app and used it, raise your hands? Even fewer people. Why? We won’t go too deep into the ethical side, but from a tech perspective, clearly, the privacy issue is a huge constraint.

AI seems to be the new tech centralizing a lot of hopes in helping us poor mammals fed with too much pangolin, to make sense of enormous data sets, so huge and complex that even big data scientists are pulling their hair out. Although the field of AI is strengthening every day, we are also seeing a further increase in the resistance of citizens and companies to share their data. We now must work on secure and reassuring solutions addressing the upstream movement stage of data generation. No AI model will be satisfying if we can’t feed it with valuable and certified large data sets.

That is where a revolutionary but still less mainstream new technology has become the obsession of big corporates: ...

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