The 2021 Roadmap: A Preface

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Dear Ambrosus community,

In 2020, the team initiated new developments to further grow the Ambrosus Network and ecosystem, preparing for 2021 and beyond. The roadmap for 2021 will thus include new tech developments, such as (but not limited to) integration with decentralized finance and on-chain governance. 2020 was a tipping point: not only was it an unprecedented tumultuous time across the globe, but the team went full speed ahead and managed to leverage business partnerships in a short period of time. Throughout the years, it has been a learning experience for us all, and the actions we have taken — both visible and invisible — now translate into a stronger ecosystem than ever before.

Recently, a masternode survey was conducted under a group of Ambrosus masternode operators. Since then, we collected the results and feedback from the survey and that of community members in the official Telegram group and direct messages. In parallel to negative sentiment that may sometimes occur online, the survey allowed for a better understanding of the community in general since more voices could be heard from a more diverse group of people. Generally the survey results indicated a predominantly satisfactory experience. Importantly, the collected feedback has been taken into account during the making of the new public roadmap.

In addition to the continuation of steadfast technological development, the business development team continues to further expand the ecosystem. Furthermore, the feedback we received has been thoroughly discussed and taken into account in the strategic decisions as well. For this year, we are discussing the announcements of new clients and prototypes — this may or may not include their names, depending on (Ambrosus’) strategic positioning and competitive advantage. More information regarding this development will be provided in the roadmap which will be released on 19 March 2021.

We are grateful for your continued support.

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