The Best Questions and Answers of the AMA, Summarized! – April 2021

The Best Questions and Answers of the AMA, Summarized! - April 2021

Welcome to the summary of the Reddit AMA for April 2021. During the April AMA, we had some great questions. The questions revolved around 6 main topics: Community growth, team building, features, migration, hackathons and other projects in the Golem ecosystem. Below we’ve created a summary of the questions and answers.

We’ve included a TL;DR at the end of this post.

Community Growth

We had a lot of great topics around community growth. It’s really great to see that the Discord has turned out so well and that people enjoy the live discussion format the platform offers. We can really use it to split topics up for essentially any type of stakeholder and the type of discussion in each channel can reflect what topics each individual is interested in and it can all occur in parallel. Many developers (and non-developers) have Discord as an application on their system already so in most cases it’s not such a burden in trying to convince people to download a new application for them to be able to join the discussion.

Saying that, there’s also still a lot of value in the formats that other platforms provide. We don’t see it as, the Golem community Discord is the most active so that’s an indicator on how successful that channel is. We see it more as platforms like Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, etc. all offer different features and each have their own benefits for the Golem community to use and decide which ones they prefer.

We dove deeper into specifics on community growth, particularly revolving around requestors. Remember that requestors. For this, we want to expand the available features that developers can utilize to build applications, incentivize developers to build their ideas, continue with external reach-out.

Some really fun questions to have received in ...

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