The District Weekly — April 10th

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The District Weekly — April 10th

News and updates from the district0x Network

This past week the district0x team onboarded our new Marketing Lead, Henri Mahal. Henri formerly co-founded a creative marketing agency based in Berlin, he has strong project management background, as well as a solid understanding of all things crypto. Drop by Discord to say hello to our latest addition!

This week we hosted one of our first community game streams with prizes and a special role you can use to join the game while we’re live. Use the command $store in Discord while the stream is live to join a game. Lastly, we have been working on a special line of Meme Factory swag. Stay tuned for a sneak peek on next week’s stream to see what we have in store for the community!

We are continuing to hire and grow our stable of developers. If you have any experience developing smart contracts or web3 dApps, please email with a resume and an overview of your experience. We’d love to have you on the project!

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Dapp Digest

On the stream this past week, Brady does a Sushi Swap tutorial, dives into Sensoriumxr, Shades of Greed Cards, and more.

The Dapp Digest is a community curated stream hosted by the district0x community manager Brady McKenna. Want to vote on the next stream’s content? Use this form:

Stay tuned for our regular community livestream every Tuesday at 3PM PDT (11PM UTC) as a forum for discussing recent updates to the district0x Network. You can join us on Twitch.

District Proposals

Take these opportunities to earn more DNT and vote to either keep or get rid of the challenged districts. If you are on the winning side of the challenge, ...

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