The District Weekly — December 12th

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The District Weekly — December 12th

News and updates from the district0x Network

This past week, the district0x team published our bi-weekly dev update. In summary, we have picked up a few new developers who are providing a fresh set of eyes on Ethlance as well as delving into our new options-aggregator district. We are also outsourcing some work to secondary teams such as refactoring Name Bazaar and the creation of new districts.

In other news, we released an article on our collaboration with vNFT. The vNFt platform can be thought of as Tamagotchi built on Ethereum. Our collaboration includes a new Meme Factory competition with a grand prize of 1 MILLION DANK tokens. So step right up and show us what you got!

Any questions let us know. Have a vibrant weekend.

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For more information on how proposals are now being migrated, please check out District Proposal Rewards topic in this article.

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