The District Weekly — March 6th

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The District Weekly — March 6th

News and updates from the district0x Network

This past week the district0x team deployed a replacement to the stream rewards due to gas fees rendering the Web3 loyalty store unusable. Stream participants can now redeem their stream points to join a special channel in Discord. This channel has been host to a number of community airdrops and a look into upcoming community programs that we will be launching. The community has been growing rapidly and our core community has even started to dive into our verified artist program that gives them access to resources to host their own meme factory contests and events. We look forward to what comes of this community action.

The final registry bounty has been collected for the latest entry into the district registry called ‘Swag Station’, a communally operated crypto focused swag store. We have begun hosting a regular Wednesday dev stream in addition to our Tuesday stream where district0x community members come on to casually talk in an “after hours” format.

We want to give a huge shout-out to the twitch subscribers. We have had an overwhelming outpouring of patronage and support on stream. We will be funding a number of grants with this money and we look forward to seeing this community grow over the coming quarter. If you have a grant you want to see funded, join our discord to let us know. Gitcoin grants round 9 starts this coming week so join us as we do our largest donation to date.

Dapp Digest

On the stream this past week Brady spent time talking to one of our core developers, Madis Nõmme, leading Ethlance development.

The Dapp Digest is a community curated stream hosted by the district0x community manager Brady McKenna. Want to vote on the next stream’s ...

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