The District Weekly — May 15th

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The District Weekly — May 15th

News and updates from the district0x Network

This past week we published 3 Ways to shape the Web3 Matrix with

We also have begun to move forward with the first in a series of community currencies. This is an educational endeavor to show the community how they can launch a token of their own in case a new district or community has the desire to do so. This token will be in addition to others we will be launching to show people the pros and cons of each approach and platform. This week the newly launched token was deployed on the platform Unicly, which is a platform that lets you launch a token (ERC20) backed by NFTs. We backed this new community currency using Meme Factory memes, Dank/ETH liquidity from Uniswap 3.0, and may even include our upcoming tokenized shirts. While these tokens are not meant to have a use case, we will be distributing them to the community so they can participate in governance experiments and other platforms that allow for permission-less experimentation and utility.

Disclaimer: These tokens can only be acquired by participating in the live stream for now and may be added to the Discord tip bot in the near future. Please keep in mind, we will be launching a few different tokens and these tokens have no use case or value beyond the educational review we will be conducting of each platform. We may discontinue the use of the tokens we launch at any time after our educational experiments and review of each platform are concluded. We aren’t offering any guarantee that these tokens will be used for anything beyond minting them and doing social experiments on stream and Discord. Please don’t buy them and don’t respond to anyone claiming ...

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