The District Weekly — May 1st

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The District Weekly — May 1st

News and updates from the district0x Network

This week we received our shipment of the latest Meme Factory swag. You can see our community manager Brady wearing it on this week’s stream recording. We are currently thinking of ways we can use Meme Factory’s NFTs to tokenize the shirts among other ideas we have discussed with the community. This will be a killer experiment showing everyone how you can tie the physical world with the digital world of NFTs.

Our community member Kyle Crusoe still has a live Meme Factory contest. Contest submissions can be seen in our Discord channel in real time. Be sure to join and vote on your favorite submissions. Kyle has rounded up Twitch streamers and content creators across the web to help grow our community. Huge shout out to Kyle and all the work he put into this!

Lastly, we will be doing some educational content in the upcoming weeks covering how to launch your own community currency. We just spoke to the TryRoll team and will be moving forward with an ERC20 token just for the stream. A design contest for the new token will go live this coming Tuesday, so stay tuned!

This past week we began making preparations for campaigning and launching bounties on Gitcoin. Stay tuned this week for 3 Ways to shape the Web3 Matrix with

Lastly we published our bi-weekly dev update.

We are continuing to hire and grow our stable of developers. If you have any experience developing smart contracts or web3 dApps, please email with a resume and an overview of your experience. We’d love to have you on the project!

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Brady shows off the brand new swaggg, diving into Binance Smart Chain, NFTs ...

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