The District Weekly — May 8th

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The District Weekly — May 8th

News and updates from the district0x Network

This past week we saw quite a few submissions for the art contest that is being hosted by our community member Kyle Crusoe. Many of the contest entries have been from the Twitch community. Huge shout out to all of our Twitch Streamers who promoted the contest. We look forward to more community events like this.

This Wednesday we will be hosting a closing ceremony in VR after the Dapp Digest live stream. Drop by discord and keep an eye on social media for more information.

Lastly, we are moving forward with a couple community currencies launched as an educational endeavor. As announced on stream we will be hosting a contest for the name and logo for of one of the new tokens. One token will be created using the platform TryRoll. This will show content creators how they can create a token and all the things you can do with one. We also have a special surprise for the Meme Factory community for the second token. To hear what we have in store join the next stream on Tuesday to learn more!

We are continuing to hire and grow our stable of developers. If you have any experience developing smart contracts or web3 dApps, please email with a resume and an overview of your experience. We’d love to have you on the project!

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Dapp Digest

Brady dives into launching a community token on TryRoll.

The Dapp Digest is a community curated stream hosted by the district0x community manager Brady McKenna. Want to vote on the next stream’s content? Use this form:

Stay tuned for our regular community livestream every Tuesday at 3PM PDT (11PM UTC) as a forum ...

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