The District Weekly — November 21st

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The District Weekly — November 21st

News and updates from the district0x Network

This past week the district0x team brought on board a new core developer. In addition to our revamping of Ethlance, the dev team is building an entirely new district from front to back, which is still in the early stages of design but looks very promising. As soon as more news on this district becomes available, we will share it here. As mentioned previously we are still hiring. If you’re interested in decentralizing the world’s marketplaces, don’t hesitate to reach out.

The new discord channel district-idea-discussion was launched. Jump in with your own district ideas or improvements to existing proposals and we’ll shoot you some DNT as a reward.

Our community manager will be running a brand new Meme Factory contest starting early next week. Keep your eyes peeled.

If you have any questions we are always available via Telegram or Discord. Have a healthy and prosperous weekend!

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Dapp Digest

Check out the latest Dapp Digest where Brady covers crypto news as well as our participation in The Graph curator program.

The Dapp Digest is a community curated stream hosted by the district0x community manager Brady McKenna. Want to vote on the next stream’s content? Use this form:

Stay tuned for our regular community livestream every Tuesday at 3PM PDT (11PM UTC) as a forum for discussing recent updates to the district0x Network. You can join us on Twitch.

District Proposals

For more information on how proposals are now being migrated, please check out District Proposal Rewards topic in this article.

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