The Fifth PoD Governance Cycle Has Ended!

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7 Approved Proposals

1. New products & tools:

  • NIP536 — The trading of NAS for USDT (translated).
  • NIP540 — Develop a commercial game using the newly developed Godot plugin: Part 1–2 MVP Coding

2. Community & marketing:

  • NIP456 — Nebulas Sri Lankan Telegram/Twitter/Facebook/Medium Operation ( August 2020)
  • NIP538 — Nebulas Sri Lankan Telegram/Twitter Operation ( September 2020)
  • NIP539 — Binance Sri Lanka X Nebulas Sri Lanka AMA
  • NIP541 — Online AMA with the Technical Committee & Foundation(translated).

3. Product improvement:

  • NIP530 — The development cycle and binding on all proposals rate framework, as guiding principle(translated).

Governance Cycle Review

  • The completion and approval of 4 projects;
  • 50 of the 51 selected nodes participated in governance;
  • 42% of submitted proposals approved;
  • A reduction of Nebulas Foundation nodes with the network being more decentralized and operated by the community!

Next Step:

Governance incentives: The governance nodes will receive approximately 800 NAS governance reward at the beginning of the next governance cycle (end of September).

Proposals: The approved proposals will be initiated by the Technical Committee and issued on

Follow or the spreadsheet listed below to track the status of approved projects....

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