The first defense of the pitch for the representatives of the Sberbank ecosystem

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A meeting was held on April 8 as part of the Sber500 startups accelerator that hosted the top 25 startups, which had successfully passed selection following the bootcamp sessions.

The meeting was marked with speeches, as each startup had to briefly present its offering within two minutes for the representatives of the Sberbank ecosystem. Each presentation was analyzed on an individual basis as the members of the Ecosystem made notes about each startup, assessing the need and perspective of the presented project based on the industry of their operation and business vector.

The Ubex team was represented by CEO Artem Chestnov. The presentation was received well, as Artem was asked questions about the platform’s capabilities, as well as the distribution of international traffic. The Ubex platform evoked interest among the representatives of Sber Security and Sber Solutions. Moreover, the platform received an assignment regarding the launch of an advertising campaign for from the Sbermarketing advertising agency.

After the official part of the event, the attendees were given the opportunity to communicate with the representatives of the Ecosystem, as well as conduct networking with other professionals present. Such communication with equally inspired individuals is exactly what the Ubex team received as a result of this meeting.

The next event in the series will take place on April 15, and will include an introduction before major brands, where the Ubex team will also have to present their product and establish its image before international companies.

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