The first GXChain Crypto Artwork NFT:Collapse of Illusion: Non-Existing Star is in Public Auction…

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The first GXChain Crypto Artwork NFT:Collapse of Illusion: Non-Existing Star is in Public Auction Created by SongTing with GXChain

Hello GXChainers, this is G.Bruce, Let me introduce about the lastest news happning on GXChain!

Currently NFT began to appear in various large-scale auctions, and it has also been recognized by investors and collectors from all walks of life, and it has also allowed more artists to find a place to show their strengths, including the current hot crypto artists — — “Song Ting”, And this collaboration with GXChain: Collapse of Illusion: Non-Existing Star, was created by Song Ting and Alice, and it represents the extension of human unconscious illusion.

It will be minted on several blockchains such as Etherem, GXChain, Heco, Conflux, Cortex, etc. at the same time. Once the on-site auction of the physical world ends, the smart contracts on the rest of the public chain will simultaneously drive the transfer of the on-chain token to the black hole address to be burned, leaving only the NFT on the Ethereum.
Collapse of Illusion: Non-Existing Star

Crypto Artist-SongTing

I believe that the friends who follow the NFT circle will not be unfamiliar with Ting Song. She is an AI and blockchain artist, the holder of the NFT auction record of AI art in China Twitter@Song11Ting and she was also awarded the “View of the Future · The Most Popular in the Future Conference” at the beginning of this year. Encrypted Artist” award.

The Popular Crypto Artist SongTing

She has her own unique insights into cutting-edge technology and the profound world of physics. From the theoretical physics exhibition on NASA campus to the first domestic art exhibition of “Blockchain-based Human and AI Collaboration”, she thought and explored all the way and created the “Dao Cheng A series of works such as “The Flesh” and “A Space Odyssey 2001” also created a domestic encrypted art auction record with a single item auction price of 26 ETH.

On December 22, at the “Art Evolves With Time” crypto art auction jointly organized by the international crypto art platform CryptoArt.Ai and NOVA, the famous crypto digital artist Song Ting made her debut in the crypto art auction in China. The ...

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