The first one’s on us! New $WAN faucet for $XRP cross-chain transactions!

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Pursuant to making Wanchain’s unique brand of interoperable DeFi as broadly accessible to everyone as possible, the Wanchain Foundation is happy to announce the launch of a new $WAN/$XRP faucet!

Until further notice, users who complete XRP Ledger to Wanchain cross-chain transactions will automatically receive a small number of WAN tokens — enough to cover the fees for a small handful of transactions.

How to complete a cross-chain transaction

There are two primary ways to initiate a XRP Ledger to Wanchain cross-chain transaction:

  1. Using the Wanchain desktop wallet
  2. Using Wanbridge Web

A detailed written guide can be found here. Alternatively, the team has also prepared a short video walkthrough demonstrating cross-chain transactions on the Wanchain desktop wallet.

How to access the $WAN/$XRP faucet

To take advantage of the new WAN faucet, all you need to do is complete a XRP Ledger to Wanchain cross-chain transaction. Doing so will trigger a bot that ensures your account has enough WAN to cover two-to-three transactions.

What to do next?

After completing a XRP Ledger to Wanchain cross-chain transaction, you are all set to take full advantage of the DeFi world!

Your first stop should be to WanSwap — the world’s best cross-chain decentralised exchange. WanSwap lets you trade for WAN and a variety of other tokens including BTC and ETH. Alternatively, you can borrow tokens on WanLend!

Using WanSwap, you can also earn rewards by farming. Currently, WanSwap is offering 5x rewards to farm the WAN/XRP pair. When you’re ready, you can also try ZooKeeper’s innovative gamified yield farming and NFTs!

If you’re still unsure how to take advantage of DeFi, read this introduction or ask the Wanchain community on Twitter or Telegram!

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