The first one’s STILL on us! $WAN cross-chain faucet now supports $DOGE!

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The basic idea of interoperable DeFi is that things should just work. For everyone. In line with this philosophy, the Wanchain Foundation is pleased to announce that its cross-chain faucet is being expanded to support $DOGE!

This means that, until further notice, everyone who completes a cross-chain transaction from Doge to Wanchain will always have enough WAN tokens to cover the fees for at least a handful of transactions. This is in addition to the existing $WAN/$XRP cross-chain faucet.

How to access the $WAN/$DOGE cross-chain faucet

To take advantage of the $WAN/$DOGE cross-chain faucet, all you need to do is complete a DOGE to Wanchain cross-chain transaction. Doing so will trigger a bot that ensures your account has at least 0.0005 WAN — enough to cover several transactions on the Wanchain network.

How to complete a cross-chain transaction

To initiate a DOGE to Wanchain cross-chain transaction, head over to Instant Cross. Then:

  • Click “Select” and select “DOGE”
  • Select “dogecoin” or “BSC” from the “From Chain” drop-down menu
  • Select “Wanchain” from the “Target Chain” drop-down menu
  • Input your Wanchain wallet address as the “Recipient”
  • Input the amount of $DOGE to transfer cross-chain
  • Click “Start” and deposit the “Deposit Amount” of DOGE in the listed “Deposit Address”

Please be se sure to deposit the exact amount of DOGE list in a single transaction. A video walkthrough demonstrating how to complete a cross-chain transaction using Instant Cross, step-by-step, can be found here.

What is Instant Cross?

Instant Cross is the newest DAPP to join the Wanchain ecosystem. It is a semi-decentralised cross-chain solution developed independently by WanLabs Ltd — the team behind WanLend.

What to do next?

After completing your DOGE to Wanchain cross-chain transaction, you are all set to take advantage of a wide variety of DeFi applications! Your first stop should be to WanSwap — the world’s best cross-chain decentralised exchange. ...

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