The First YOYOW Developer Competition Came to a Successful Close, Winners were Announced

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Since its release in June 2020, the first YOYOW Developer Competition, which lasted half a year, has come to an end. This developer competition attracted many developers from the YOYOW developer community to participate.

The competition received a number of works from different fields, covering various fields such as games, shopping mall payment, forums, etc., which greatly enriched the application ecology and landing scenarios of YOYOW. The YOYOW Foundation would like to thank all the participants for their participation and support.

The holding of the developer competition reflects the support of the YOYOW Foundation to the development community. In the coming days, the YOYOW Foundation will continue to support and cultivate the YOYOW developer community, and promote the landing of YOYOW blockchain technology and ecological development.

After review by the YOYOW Foundation, based on the comprehensive consideration of the user experience, usability, and reliability of the submitted works, the YOYOW Foundation selected the following award-winning works:

First Prize * 1

YOYOW Discuz! Plug-in: YOYOW Connect

Second Prize * 1

YOYOW&ShopXO Mall joint login authorized payment application

Third Prize * 2

YOYOW WeChat Mini Program Blockchain Explorer

Yoyo Farm Game

The YOYOW Foundation will contact the winners and issue awards within the next month.

[The final interpretation right of this competition belongs to the YOYOW Foundation]

YOYOW’s native token YOYO is available for trading on Binance, OKEx, AEX and Bitfinex.


YOYOW, an acronym of “You Own Your Own Words”,is a content value network based on blockchain technology. Its goal is to build a blockchain network that uses blockchain technology to quantify contribution in the content production area using a decentralized consensus method. YOYOW hopes that through the point incentive strategy, participants who create, disseminate, comment valuable content will be rewarded. YOYOW aims to enable the traffic dividends that used to be held by large social ...

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