The First YOYOW Developer Competition has Entered the Work Review Stage

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The first YOYOW Developer Competition was officially launched in June 2020, aiming to find outstanding development groups and individuals, promote the implementation of YOYOW blockchain technology, and promote the prosperity and development of YOYOW ecology.

At present, the submission stage of the competition has ended and the competition has entered the evaluation stage. The YOYOW Foundation received a number of works based on YOYOW blockchain, such as YOYOW Farm games, Shopex and other plug-ins for site building programs. The YOYOW Foundation’s development team is currently testing the winning entries based on the evaluation criteria, and the results and awards are expected to be announced in January 2021.

The Evaluation Criteria

YOYOW Foundation will select the winning works based on the three dimensions of user experience, usability and reliability.

Entry Requirements

·All works must be deployed on the YOYOW blockchain

·Participants can be individuals or groups, regardless of age, occupation, nationality, or number of members

·Works can be developed in any development language

·Entries do not need to be open source, but the YOYOW Foundation, which selects the prizes, may require participants to submit code that interacts with the YOYOW blockchain

· The content submitted should be in Simplified Chinese or English only

· Works must be developed after the registration start date

· The participant owns the title and copyright of the entries

· All copyright and authorship rights on the entries belong to the original author, but the participant must agree that his/her work may be displayed to the public for free

· The participant shall guarantee the originality of the work, and shall not violate the relevant laws or infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights or other rights; Participants will be disqualified if found or reported and verified by the obligee

【The final interpretation right of this contest belongs to YOYOW Foundation】

This competition is ...

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