The Horizen Q1 Report

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2021 began with a bang for Horizen! We announced several major partnerships including IOTA, APIS, StakeHound, and DIA. Our team continues to grow and our community is abuzz with excitement as we move into Q2! 



This quarter StakeHound released a new ERC-20 token called StakedZEN (stZEN) through our partnership. stZEN allows anyone to participate in the Ethereum-based defi ecosystem and earn ZenNode staking rewards at the same time! stZEN holders automatically receive Horizen node rewards without minimum staking requirements or locking periods. stZEN is now available through SushiSwap and MetaMask. We expect to see more integrations that will make stZEN more accessible and usable in the near future. 

We also announced several new Zendoo sidechain partnerships that will expand the Horizen sidechain ecosystem and welcomed new community members that drove our community growth by approximately 13.2% since Q4 2020. 


The engineering team focused on bringing Zendoo to the mainchain this quarter. We expect to bring the cross-chain transfer protocols and sidechains to mainnet in Q3 and the work is 74% complete by the end of Q1.

We are excited to see Zendoo takeoff soon. Check out our 2021 roadmap for scheduled deliveries. Be sure to keep up to date on the progress through our weekly engineering update posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord

They also released a couple of important upgrades to the Horizen ecosystem with a mandatory upgrade to the core software ZEN 2.0.23 and Sphere by Horizen 1.2.9beta

Business Development

The business development team has rolled out four sidechain and strategic partnerships (IOTA, DIA, StakeHound, and APIS) and 16 integrations this quarter. These partnerships will extend the capabilities of the Zendoo sidechain protocol, enable ...

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