The Human DeFi Hæck Winners Announcement

189 developers, 48 countries, one month: setting up for the future and highlighting the birth of a stronger blockchain finance æcosystem

What began as a venture to build widespread financial solutions over a decentralized platform, in under two months of toil and grit, the human DeFi Haeckathon concluded with the spirit of celebrating technology and humanity.

The Haeck was a catalyst in spreading the word about æternity and its unique advantages! The devpost landing page of the Haeckathon garnered over 3k views, with users spending an astonishing average of 10 minutes on the #HumanDeFi haeck web page on

189 people from 48 countries all over the world successfully submitted 20 projects of which 14 got into the Final (presentations available here).

After the month of hard work, remote collaboration, learning sessions and judges evaluation, 8 teams are awarded with the Prize Pool of $ 16.6k (details are available here). Winners were announced on the December 20th, LIVE, streamed and available here, as well.

Great vibe during the Award Ceremony

We are proud to present the HumanDefiHaeck winning teams in the following 8 categories:

⚡️ The Best DeFi Solution: æLink

A powerful, open-source implementation in a product enabling all Bitcoin-based currencies to transfer value to the æternity Blockchain, thereby bridging old school blockchain technologies to enjoy æternity Daepps and all other functionalities.

“I believe everyone over here won today because the knowledge you are gathering is more important that award itself”, said Martin during the HumanDeFi Winners Announcement Session

Link to Project details here | Creator: Martin Kuvandzhiev

⚡️ Best new feature: Decentralized Insurance on æternity Blockchain

An open-source project integrating a decentralized insurance marketplace on æternity blockchains social media platform It allows buying policies, perform escrow services, and use it ...

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