The Importance Of Blockchain And How To Grasp The Trend And Opportunities

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Jingdiwangtian, Founder of Jingtum Technology and MOAC

Recently, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee explicitly stated that blockchain technology should be considered as one of the core technologies for independent innovation and development, and that breakthroughs should be made. And in terms of application, it is necessary to promote the integration and development of blockchain technology with relation to governmental, economic and social scenarios. China’s recognition of the blockchain and its positioning and development has led to the rise of blockchain concept stocks and extensive discussions among industry insiders. Guo Xinghua, an analyst of Xinhua Finance in Beijing, interviewed Jingdiwangtian, founder of Jingtum Technology and MOAC, who analyzed in depth the background of China’s high level attention to and the future market opportunities of the blockchain industry on Oct 31 in San Francisco.

Analyst: The government’s statement this time is in stark contrast to the previous cautious and strict supervision approach. Why did the policy adjustment happen now? Why is blockchain technology?

Jingdiwangtian: First of all, the connotation of the Internet is evolving, and the connection mode, connection subject, and behavior of subject in the Internet concept have also changed. The Information Internet is gradually evolving to the Value Internet, and in the Value Internet, blockchain will become the underlying core technology. We have entered a new era of digital information, which can encrypt and authenticate information on the Internet, making data easy to trade.

Second, user data will become an important strategic resource. China has a large, well-educated and thoughtful mass of people. If wealth is mainly represented by information rather than oil in the future digital economy era, China will be equivalent to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Creativity with regard to information and data may be China’s biggest advantage.

Third, the world economy has moved from ...

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