The Iris Hard Fork vote is live!!!

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The Iris Hard Fork vote is live!

Cast your vote now

Hello æternity people,

Today, Monday the 15th of March, is the first day the whole æternity community has the chance to vote on the Iris Hard Fork, also known as Release 6.0. As with any hard fork, this is an important crossroad in the journey of æternity, and it is essential that as many of us as possible have a say in directing which way our blockchain is going to go.

For that same reason it’s important that we know what the new hard fork brings as upgrades to the network, and to its developers and users. With big plans for future blockchain upgrades, especially Hyperchains, the Iris Hard Fork brings the necessary foundations for their forthcoming implementation, as well as several significant protocol improvements such as the ability to use Zero Knowledge proofs and advanced multi-signature schemes on the æ blockchain. In addition, the upgrade will provide major improvements to æternity’s unique layer 1 features — embedded oracles, state channels and the æternity naming system.

For more info on the Iris Hard Fork, please take a few minutes to read the Medium blog post about it. For more in-depth information, going through all the changes the new upgrade brings, check out the topic on the æternity forum.

The voting begins today, the 15th of March, and will be open until April the 13th at 12:00 CET, when, in case of a positive outcome of the vote, the upgrade is scheduled to be released so miners have a time window from that moment to update their nodes. For the vote to have a positive result, 51% of the coins used to vote must support the Iris Hard Fork. The voting system considers each Æ in the voting account as 1 vote. This doesn’t mean ...

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