The Lease Chain — A Trusted Technical Service Platform For Supply Chain Financing in China

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The Lease Chain — A Trusted Technical Service Platform For Supply Chain Financing in China

Abstract: Emerging blockchain technology plays a significant role in financial innovations and is the driving force behind the Fintech industry. As a series of decentralized, immutable blocks, blockchain technology allows companies to track the complete lifecycle of a financial transaction or product management. It revolutionizes the way modern finance and procurement operate, making the processes more democratic, secure, transparent and efficient. In May 2019, Mingqing Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. joined Jingtum’s SWTC blockchain ecosystem to form the Mingqing Super Node and built a supply chain trusted finance technical service platform — the Lease Chain. The Lease Chain platform joins up smart equipment manufacturers, lessors and related investors on Jingtum’s blockchain to provide trusted one-stop leasing and investment services for IoT equipment/devices, enabling efficient transfer and distribution of capital and resources.

The Lease Chain: M2C Internet of Things Financial Platform

The Lease Chain proposes the innovative concept of “M2C”, namely “Machine to Consumers” whereby users directly face the machine and all data is provided by IoT devices, ensuring the timeliness and authenticity of information. Based on the distributed ledger and cryptography technology, the Jingtum blockchain enables IoT data to be automatically uploaded to the blockchain to ensure its security, uniqueness and immutability, forming a multi-party trusted and risk-mitigating information sharing platform.

A Win-Win Platform — a trusted technical service platform for supply chain financing

The platform serves four main roles: equipment manufacturers, equipment lessors, investors and third-party services, which constitute the overall ecosystem of the Lease Chain.

(1) Equipment manufacturers are the product sources of the smart manufacturing equipment leasing services on the platform who are the most important builders of the platform. They are trusted third-party vendors that have been vetted by reviewers on the platform. Manufacturers can put on display and ...

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