The New Direction of Blockchain Development: Measuring Off-chain Assets

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On October 27th, the 6th Wanxiang Blockchain Global Summit was held in Shanghai. Patrick Dai, the co-founder and CEO of Qtum, delivered a keynote speech entitled: “The New Direction of Blockchain Development: Measuring Off-chain Assets”

Patrick noted that connecting the blockchain with real assets in his speech is a question left to the blockchain industry. For complex off-chain assets, the first thing is to determine how should one weigh and measures the off-chain assets, connecting to a vast range of real assets may bring breakthrough innovations in the blockchain.

The following is Beep News’s recap of Dai’s speech, which has been translated.

Hello everyone, I am Patrick Dai, the founder of Qtum. The topic of my speech today is “The New Direction of Blockchain Development: The Measuring Off-chain Assets.” Speaking of the origins of the Wanxiang Blockchain Summit, this is the sixth Wanxiang Blockchain summit. I have taken part in the Wanxiang’s Blockchain Summits since 2015, and in 2016 I participated in the Wanxiang Blockchain Summit hackathon and won an award for presenting the idea of Qtum. At noon, I saw another team. I think the Wanxiang Blockchain Summit has built a bridge between Chinese and foreign blockchains, bringing the most advanced experience, technology, and ideas to our country. My speech is divided into several topics. Since 2016, Qtum has been regarded as the first domestic project to cultivate in the field of public blockchain and now in its fifth year. The years go by fast. The past 5 years have witnessed the innovative development of blockchain, especially the public chain, and have also experienced a period of ups and downs.

On the first topic, I will summarize the past two years of the public blockchain. Why do I want to make this summary? I think the public blockchain is ...

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