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Today, we’re officially unveiling the new Sia support center. This complete re-do of our support docs runs on GitBook, a powerful documentation tool.

Our previous docs, hosted with HelpDocs, did a great job over the past two-plus years. It served over a million article views for us during its time in use and provided a high level of support for our community. A moment of silence for our old support center.

Rest in peace you neon green beauty

The path forward

GitBook offers a number of improvements over HelpDocs, especially for our more technical community. First off, the navigation is entirely contained to the left-most column.

Not only does this allow you to zip around a lot quicker, but it lets you get a birds-eye view of everything at a glance. It eliminates the constant “click an article, click back, click an article, click back, oh here’s a folder, click the folder, click back” that was a big source of annoyance for users before. You can now scan every article we offer, and find what you need, in a matter of seconds.

The other big feature of GitBook is something that our users have been wanting for a long time. We usually try to keep our documents as time-agnostic as possible, but their age still shows occassionally. Our official docs are now user-editable!

Every single article now has an “Edit on GitHub” button that you can use to propose your own changes. You can even fork the whole repo and add new articles if you think we need them. We still need to approve all changes, of course, but this goes a long way toward eliminating the bottleneck of requiring our team for any updates.

This is easily the single most requested feature we’ve seen over the past few years, and now it’s ...

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