The Next Era of TrustToken & The Team to Lead It

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Meet the senior leadership team bringing TrustToken to new records and new industries

Since our founding in 2017, the TrustToken team has been singularly focused on bringing financial opportunity to all.

We began by launching TrueUSD, the world’s first compliant, independently attested US-dollar backed stablecoin. TUSD now moves billions of dollars around the world each month and recently hit its all time high.

Following TrueUSD’s popularity, we launched 4 additional digital fiat-backed currencies, delivering the first stablecoins backed by the Hong Kong Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, and Australian Dollar.

While stablecoins have grown in popularity, so too has decentralized finance, becoming a major source of financial opportunity around the world. As DeFi continues to attract individuals and institutions alike to crypto, TrustToken stands to be a major contributor, equally benefiting our business, our users around the world, and — it’s our hope — the crypto industry as a whole.

To adapt to these incredible opportunities, our team is adapting, too. We’re excited to introduce TrustToken’s updated leadership, with the full faith and enthusiasm of our team behind them.

Meet TrustToken’s New Management & Board

As we move into the next era of TrustToken, we’re happy to announce TrustToken Co-founder Rafael Cosman is moving into the role of CEO. In addition, our former Director of Finance, Alex de Lorraine, has been promoted to the new position of COO. Both will serve on TrustToken’s new board of directors. Also joining the board as Chairman is Tom Shields, a long time advisor to TrustToken.

From left to right: Rafael Cosman (CEO), Alex de Lorraine (COO), Tom Shields (Independent Chairman of the Board)

Rafael Cosman as CEO & Board Member

We’re proud to announce Rafael as TrustToken’s new CEO. He is TrustToken’s co-founder, former Head of Engineering, and the technical architect behind our key products. Rafael has been a driving force in cultivating TrustToken’s ...

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