The Official Bluzelle NFT Collection

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With the upcoming new brand design, we are giving away a collection of artistic NFTs

Over the course of a few months, we have been relentlessly working on the product front gearing up for the Bluzelle Oracles launch. Our hard work paid off as we successfully launched the RYU MVP release of the Bluzelle Oracles. This was one of the major milestones in Bluzelle’s journey. This was all possible with the paramount trust and confidence that the community has bestowed upon us.

While diving deeper into the release of the Bluzelle Oracles, we realized that this was a crucial milestone. On this occasion, we wanted to celebrate the excitement with our beloved community. Therefore, we are launching our very own “ Bluzelle NFT Collection”.

This NFT collection consists of unique and rare NFTs that are designed by renowned art directors for imparting substantial value to our awesome community. As we’ve hinted at before, we’re launching a new brand design, and each part of the collection is based on that. To maximize participation, we are launching the set to which our dedicated community can have access to through the Rarible platform.

Rarible is a leading NFT Marketplace allowing the purchase of digital virtual assets on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is the first community-owned marketplace promoting the seamless trading of NFTs.

How to participate?

This collection will have 4 unique NFTS. Each week a new design will be released with a limited set of 10. In aggregate, 40 NFTs will be released. The participants who are able to get all four designs in the collection will be eligible for rewards in the native Bluzelle tokens worth $1000. As a bonus, those that get all four designs will get a fifth special NFT.

Put on your creative shoes as we dive into the details of the campaign.


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